There are many reasons why people buy our beef. Some buy it for the potential health benefits associated with natural grass fed beef. Others buy it for the convenience of having a year’s supply of beef delivered to their freezer each fall. Still others buy it because they know our beef are never confined in a filthy feedlot but graze freely on their favorite, lush green grass. But particularly this year, there is another good reason to buy Vermont Natural Beef and that is just basic economics!

Since the end of 2007 grain and fuel prices have skyrocketed upwards. With the world’s grain inventories already stressed we now know that between 2 and 5 million acres of the U.S. corn and soy crop are under water and will likely not yield this season. Once you add the market speculators to that disaster we are now saddled with record high grain prices for the foreseeable future. Obviously, grain is the major input cost for our nation’s dairy, beef, pork and chicken. All prices of meat products including the starch products like cereals, pasta and bread are moving swiftly upward with no end in sight. When you add the fuel costs of getting these products across the country to your grocery store we are all in for much higher food prices!

Certainly fuel and cattle prices have an impact on us here at Vermont Natural Beef but the price of grain has little to do with raising grass fed beef. You will find that our beef at $5.00/lb (year 2016) hanging weight will be at or below the steadily rising prices at your local supermarket or butcher shop. Add to that the potential health benefits, convenience, delivery and the highest quality beef raised in the Northeast and buying a side of beef from us will be a smart financial choice for the upcoming year!

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