Vermont Natural Beef Testimonials

Read What Our Customers Are Saying About Vermont Natural Beef !

“The flavor of all the meat is awesome. It’s most noticable in the hamburg. The hamburg is terrific”.

Mike from Rutland VT

“We loved it but didn’t get much of it. Our boys would come home and haul 20 pounds at a time back to college. They said they were addicted to it!”

Chris from Harwich Port MA

“I love to plan how I’m going to cook my next pot roast. They just have the best flavor.”

Chris from Poland ME

“We were so disapointed when we ran out of your burger earlier this summer. Supermarket hamburger just doesn’t cut it after eating your’s.”.

Nancy from Castleton VT

“The packaging is great. We love having a freezer full of meat just for the taking. I think the vaccum packaging locks in the flavor for longer”.

Dierdre from Woodstock NY

“We liked it all but my boys and I could make a steady diet out of the hamburger”.

Rob from Durham CT

“It’s amazing how the flavor comes through in chili or spagetti sauce or whatever you put it in just tastes better.”

John from Granville NY

“We obviously love it. That’s why we are ordering another side this year cause we’re not sure if one side will last us all year”.

Tim from Cambridge NY

“Bob, I cooked a filet mignon last night that melted in my mouth like butter!”

Jerry from Castleton VT

“Bob, Got your email, and of course we’ll participate again this year.  The one big problem that we have with your beef is that most of the other beef that we encounter tastes so inferior that we can’t eat it!”

Rob C. from Concord, MA

“Hello Bob, Yes I received the roasts they look great . And again thank you again your beef is by far the best. I rave about it you may end up with a few more customers. Don’t worry I will be ordering again next year, the value and quality can not be beat. I can tell you my children were very happy when we delivered some beef to them in Alabama.”

Brenda D.

“Hi Bob. Last fall I bought for the first time and will be buying again. Best investment in our health we ever made. Dr. Holly referred me. We will probably split a order together this year. Or my wife and I will do what we did last year. Get a side and give to sons. I will share your web site with friends and family.”

Brian S.