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Important Notice!

Vermont Natural Beef sells beef only from animals on our farm. Currently, all of the beef for our fall production is spoken for through orders with deposits. HOWEVER, we are actively sourcing new animals to join our herd for the summer. You can place a FULLY REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to join our waiting list for sides of beef to be delivered this fall. You will be informed on a first come, first served basis as we acquire animals. If you HAVE successfully placed an order through check or credit card, you are ALL SET!

Know Your Farmer - Know Your Food!

We actually care for the cattle we raise. No hormones & no antibiotics but we go beyond that. We invite you to come visit our farm.

How It Works

We set you up with custom cut beef depending on your family’s size and your quantity requirements. You know exactly what you’re getting. We never surprise you with “mystery beef”.

Our Process

For Sides, Quarters & 50 lb. Boxes of Burger Meat:

  • Get to Know Us. Call Us! 802-537-3711
  • Put a Deposit Down and We Then Will Call You To Spec Out Your Custom Order.
  • Arrange a Delivery Time.

What is Natural Beef?

Vermont Natural Beef is exactly what the name implies, NATURAL!

If You Care... How Grass Makes Beef

I am often asked how it is possible to raise quality beef on grass without feeding heavily concentrated rations full of processed grains….

Place Deposit on Side of Beef

Place your deposit to reserve a side of custom butchered, Vermont Natural Beef!

Dollars and Sense

Why buying Vermont Natural Beef makes dollars and sense, i.e. it’s the smart thing to do.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying

We get rave reviews!  We have actually converted a few former vegetarians to meat eaters!

Contact Us & Help

We’d love to talk to you about beef!  Please find our full contact information here.

Get to know Vermont Natural Beef

Are you new to Vermont Natural Beef ?  Then please get to know us… 

From Farm to Table

We want you to understand the care and quality we put into the beef we deliver!


Knowing What You Eat

From early spring and time spent on lush green pastures, to late fall deliveries, we want you to understand what we do.  Please spend some time on our site, call us and maybe even come visit!

Bob Stannard- Beef Farm
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